Which Character Am I?

My friend Doug changed my life.

Growing up The Breakfast Club was a big movie for me.  It was the group I wanted to be a part of in high school.  It was the group I knew I would be a part of.   It wasn’t some sort of fantasy, it was real and relatable.  And of course I knew who I “was”.  I was the basket case.  I was Ally Sheedy.  Or to be more accurate, her character (Allison Reynolds).  This was something I knew without hesitation or question.  I had known it since I had first seen the movie and through every subsequent viewing.  I’m not one to be able to tell you how many times I’ve seen a film and I couldn’t even tell you the first time I saw it.  But suffice it to say I have little to no self-control and the movie came out in 1985; I’ve seen it a lot!

So when the film came up in conversation I was, well… not speechless more like speech filled with shock.  Doug said I was Molly Ringwald’s character (Claire Standish).  With my half salad, sub Boca, no onion add avocado salad.  Or my blotting the oil off my pizza.  Or my super dirty, cloudy dirty, wouldn’t serve it dirty 3 olive Grey Goose vodka martini.  The shock didn’t end there.  Once we realized I didn’t know which character I was Doug was encouraged to see how far it went.

Sex and the City is a natural for the which character are you conversation.  And once again Doug shattered my perspective.  I was late to come to SATC.  So I hadn’t lived with the belief like I had The Breakfast Club.  I had however, watched the entire series within the past few years. (Again my lack of self-control reared it’s ugly head. I watch most of the series over a few days.)  And I knew myself to be somewhere between Miranda and Samantha.  So when Doug asked who I “was” I answered confidently.  He laughed and replied, um no you’re Carrie.  You’re so Carrie!  I took a moment. Took a few deep breaths, thought and digested it.  He was right.  Again.  I am Carrie.  I may not know or care about fashion, but I am so Carrie.  Like I said this belief was not nearly as strong because I hadn’t held it as long.  Accepting and embracing my inner Carrie and moving on from the initial shock was pretty quick.  But it stands as a reminder that I don’t know myself as well as I think I do.

We continued on with a few more rounds of which character are you and I actually got some right, which was nice and sort of needed.

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