Goodbye Subie

Sometimes I think I need a co-pilot when driving.  Or at least until I know how to get “there” without assistance

I’m not great with getting places in Portland.  I blame the lack of a mountain range.  See, I grew up in Colorado.  I never had any issues getting around because I always knew which direction was which (and well, maybe the fact that I spent 15+ years being driven around the area… anyway Portland and I don’t get along).  So when I was going to pick up a friend (whose place I had only been to once and that was with someone else driving) to go to another friend’s house-warming I was using the map on my phone.  Look at the map, look at the road, look at the map, look at the road, what the hell are those planes doing over there, oh I bet it’s an air show in Hillsboro, look at the map, look at the road, look at the map, the mini van in front of me it braking, I brake also but it’s too late!  So I slam on the brake and scream like a little girl.  BAM

We pull to the side of the road…  I open my glove compartment, get out my insurance paperwork and registration, grab a pen and some paper.  I look up in time to see the sliding door on the passenger side of the van slide open, and a ramp descend, my heart sank, but then the ramp goes back up, now I’m just confused.  I get out of my car whose nose is smushed in and hood is bumped up.  Sad Subie 😦  I walk around the passenger side of the car.  The driver of the mini van has rolled down the window.  He is sitting at the wheel in a wheel chair.  He has no legs.

He asks me to help his ramp down, because it gets stuck in the grass.  He wheels out, we look at the damage (way more on my car thank goodness), we’re both okay (thankfully), we exchange our information.  Sadly I didn’t get everything I needed, but now I know there is an app for that! iWrecked (worth a download thanks Doug).

I get back in my car, text my trusty friend Bauer (I was on my way to his place).  I tell him, “hey I’m gonna be a little late because I just ran into an amputee”  I ask if it’s okay to leave, because he knows things.  He calls right away.  We chat, he assures me it’s okay for me to leave the scene. I head to his place.  The car (thankfully again) is drive-able.

On the upside I got to see Bauer’s beautiful wife (Heather) and daughter for a bit of much needed joy after my head spinning accident.  Then we headed out to an apartment warming for a mutual friend.

A good time was had by all and my accident was discussed thoroughly!

Here are the major take aways:

I found him that way!  ~Bauer

At least I didn’t hit the side door where the ramp comes out.  ~Brauny

(thanks guys)

And then the repair estimate process began…

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2 Responses to Goodbye Subie

  1. hlbaueravatar says:

    This story never gets old! haha! Well told 🙂

  2. Nina says:

    Thanks Heather! I wasn’t sure if I should change your names. Are you okay with being named? I can change it. I had you guys tagged but decided I needed to check with you before doing that. Ah the blogging journey. I’m sure there will be lots of lessons and mis-steps in the future.

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