Reading Deprivation Week… part 1

When I first read that this was “reading deprivation” week on my Artist’s Way journey I wasn’t too concerned.  Because while I actually do read for pleasure now I am still dyslexic and the idea of not reading for a week didn’t seem all that bad.  Then I read the details.  This was not simply deprivation from reading.  No no this was deprivation from all the passive aggressive, non productive, fear of failure, fear of success, avoiding with a capital A activities out there.  TV, iTunes (I own the entire series of The Office and watch it regularly) and your favorite and mine Netflix (Law And Order Criminal Intent and Mad Men, enough said).  In addition to watching I’ve gotten into the terrible habit of falling asleep to one of the above.  I’m a good sleeper.  In fact for years I maintained my amateur status so that I could compete in the sleeping olympics.  But this week, suddenly my goto sleep aid was gone.  And my body didn’t know what to do.  My mind stepped in, she’s always trying to help.  She raced with organization projects, stories to write and to do lists.  I tried to explain to her that those were great but I really wanted to go to sleep.  So, naturally, she started humming the the Office theme song and playing an episode.  But then I got confused because she was playing a newer episode that I didn’t know by heart so she paused and started flipping through the seasons trying to find a good sleepy time episode.  Around 2 AM exhaustion finally won the battle.

This was going to be an interesting week…

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