Reading Deprivation Week… part 2

As I’ve said, my copy of the Artist’s Way is from the 1992 printing so there is no mention of iPhones or the time sucking/mind numbing games one can play on them and their other smartphone brethren.  But I’m giving myself a little leeway here on the deprivation.  Yes they should be included I know that.  But I fear if I included this in the deprivation I would already be bat shit crazy.  And it’s only Wednesday.  My sister-in-law, Nikki, equated this deprivation to cutting out sugar and I think she’s right.  I’ve learned that when deprived of my passive aggressive, non productive, fear of failure, fear of success, avoiding with a capital A activities I crave them like I crave a pint of Ben and Jerry’s Coffee HEATH® Bar Crunch.  (Which I buy and eat 1/2 of despite my usually dormant lactose intolerance.  Get an upset stomach, think to myself you really shouldn’t eat that rich dairy and proceed to do it again a few weeks later.)  I feel myself longing for it like a bag of Smartfood.  I have a special bowl I like to use.  It holds what is probably close to an official serving as noted on the bag.  I close the bag with a clothespin.  That clothespin comes off really easily…  I learned years ago that I have little to no self control so this should be an interesting week.  Thankfully I have some chocolate from when I had my friend, Amanda, over for tea.  If I didn’t have chocolate on hand I think I would have already pulled out all of my hair.  (Which would come in handy for my plan to donate it, but there are rules about how to do it.  And let’s just say pulled it out by the fist full isn’t allowed.

If I start twitching or watching people as though they are on a screen of some sort.  I’ll try and get myself to a safe place and wait it out.  If you see me losing it please, please help.  I don’t even care if your help is putting me in front of  a computer or TV with Mad Men queued up and just walking away.  It’s better to be safe and sane than to be  successful at the deprivation and completely out of my mind.  And If it’s anything like before I’ll just start Season One — lose several days — next thing I know I’ll have developed a hacking cough, my liver will have stopped working, I’ll be pretty sure I’ve got VD and I’m coming to the end of Season Four.  Ahhhhh good times!

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