On the road… thoughts on driving & drivers

If we are on a narrow road (but one where both of us can fit) and I can feel the edge of the asphalt with my right tires yet it still looks like you are going to shave off my drivers side of my car YOU NEED TO MOVE OVER!!!

If you are behind me and I can only see your windshield YOU ARE TOO CLOSE TO ME!!!

Hey asshat with the brights on.  When I get a bumper car I’m coming after you!

If you are behind me, I can only see your eyes and the top part of your nose…  You are doing something wrong!  Either you are too short to drive, need a booster seat OR you don’t seem to have a basic understanding of your seat controls.  Either way I don’t want to be on the road with you.

Please, for the love of (whatever works for you) get off the road!

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