Reading Deprivation Week… part 6

Once again it was 11PM and I was starting a project.  A drilling project.  I still hadn’t purchased or rented or even researched renting a Dremel.  But I had purchased replacement bits for the ones I broke a few days prior during my last 11PM Deprivation Week drilling session.  I had intentionally purchased 2 of the larger bits just incase I felt the urge to try drilling beach pebbles again before getting my hands on the appropriate equipment.   (Sometimes I know myself and this was one of those times.)

So…  My plan was to use a small piece of wood in a tupperware container with some water and a Dremel.  I had read on line about the water to cool the bit and wash away the debris.  It seemed logical enough to use one of my many tupperware containers.  Placing the pebble on a piece of wood both gave it an elevated platform and a surface into which I could drill (assuming I was successful).  My dad had suggested holding the pebble in place with a rubber band to avoid drilling my fingers.  Conveniently I had purchased a bag of rubber bands when I bought the bits, because lately I’ve noticed a lack of and need for rubber bands.  It seemed like a good enough plan.  I was missing the Dremel but I did have that extra bit, so what would be the harm in trying?

Well here’s the thing, I didn’t have a piece of wood that would fit into any of my containers.  But it was 11PM, project time.  I knew I wasn’t going to bed anytime soon so I needed to find an alternative.  The search began.  I have a piece of wood about 3/4” x 2”  but it’s 6 feet long.  I got it years ago to make a block for my sliding window.  (You know, so I can sleep with it open a bit and no one could get in.)  I made the block, years ago.  I don’t know why I bought such a large piece or why I still have it next to my door.

I do have a saw.  I believe I purchased it around the same time as the wood.  It’s ridiculously big teethed (I’m sure that’s not the correct terminology, but you get the idea).  It was in the storage off the patio.  I knew it was there because that was one of my purging/organizing projects.  I wasn’t going to go out onto the patio and into the storage to retrieve the saw, it was 11PM after all.  So the search continued inside the condo.

I am a fan of pencils both wood and mechanical.  Sitting in one of the storage spaces in my grandmother’s secretary they caught my eye, pink rectangular erasers.  It seemed like a perfect candidate.  It was like combining the wood and the rubber band!  Sort of.  It provided an elevated platform and a surface into which I could drill PLUS it was a non slip surface. (Technically I still planned on holding the pebble with one or two fingers but that wasn’t the point.)

I got everything ready.  Sandwich sized tupperware with water to cover the bottom, pink eraser, drill with extension cord and new bit all on the table.  I put on my fancy new goggles!  Put the bit into the drill, picked my pebble, decided where to make the hole, placed it on the eraser (water didn’t cover the pebble) added more water, placed the pebble on the eraser again, this time the pebble was covered with a bit of water, positioned the drill, fingers on very edge of the pebble and squeezed the drill.  The bit seemed much happier.  Last time I could see it shaking.  This time it was remaining straight.  Release the drill, squeeze, release,  squeeze, drilling… and I was through the pebble to the pink eraser!  Reverse the drill, remove the eraser and the pebble.  Dry the pebble.  Attached a bail.

I drilled 12 pebbles that night (broke 2 because I was drilling too near the edge), attached 10 bails and 10 jump rings, wore down both of the bits but didn’t break one AND didn’t drill any fingers.  In my opinion that was a WIN.  I finally went to bed around 2AM because I had no more bails.  I still had the smaller bit but what was the point without bails.

Deprivation week was nearly over.  I wasn’t excited, I was nervous.  I desperately didn’t want to go back to the way things had been.  I knew I would have to be very careful about what I watched and when.  but that was for another day and certainly not for 2AM.

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