Sounds all around me

Could have sworn I posted this but here it is in Drafts.  Publishing now!

The other day I heard, what for me, was an uncommon sound. And I had an unusual response. There are a handful of sounds that have been with me for years and I imagine will be with me forever. I think this one is joining that group.

It was a clear sunny day and I had the patio door open. Thought I would do a little patio garden clean up. Train the vinca up the lattice, trim the herbs for drying and some watering. I’m surrounded by trees so it wasn’t too surprising when I heard a chainsaw. I couldn’t see it, I just heard it. Somewhere in the trees. At night there are frogs, in the morning there are birds, the other day it was a lawn mower and this day is was a chainsaw.

I hoped that the tree was dead or needed to be taken down for some reason. I had faith it wasn’t some crazy person stealing trees. (it happens) I went about my day. Did the dishes, played around with some business card designs, worked on some Pacific Low Tide jewelry. (Currently available at Tangible Gifts on SE Clinton and Etsy store coming soonish) Then I heard it. The chainsaw followed by the falling tree. That combination gave me pause. Even though I continued to have faith it was a totally justified tree cutting it made me sad. I know trees need to come down sometimes but I couldn’t rationalize the feeling away. I let the pretty day wash over me and wash off the sadness.

But it made me think about the sounds in my life. The ones that do something to me. The sound of someone cracking their neck, I mean the big crack, the one I can feel, makes me a little queazy. Despite the fact that I crack all sorts of things, from my neck to my SI joint to my toes. Come to think of it, I have a similar response when I crack my own hips. But I always assumed that was because of the size of the bones. I figured it’s a major joint, it’s connected to lots of things. It always made sense that it would make me queazy. But someone else’s neck? My best guess is it’s similar to a psychosomatic response. Cracking my own neck, when it’s one of the big cracks, can also mess with my equilibrium. As can having my back cracked really well. One might think I would stop the cracking, but no. On some level I suppose I enjoy the feeling. I like that feeling that things are connected. The instant cause and effect of it.

Falling asleep to the frogs and waking up to the birds will always make me smile because I know it’s nice enough outside to have my windows open. I like to imagine what they are talking about. The frogs are usually gossiping about the activities of the day. Until that one guy from across the way comes in and then everyone goes suddenly silent. He can only take the awkward silence for so long and finally leaves. Eventually everyone goes back to chatting. Other times I think it’s choir practice. They warm up and then they sing.

In the morning the birds are holding court. Making their arguments. They are discussing the suspected squirrel invasion. They know they can’t stop it but they like to discuss it because it makes them feel a little less helpless. Sometimes they complain about the mess the possums and raccoons made the night before. They are trying to figure out a way to evict them. Perhaps they will team up with the squirrels. It will take a lot more sessions.

The sound of a skateboard hitting the ground and taking off or just rolling will always make me smile.  It reminds me of my sweet CSS skater boys.  No matter where I am, if I hear that sound I stop and turn.

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