On the road again…

Day 2 of driving.  I left before 10 again and saw some interesting things.  But first a correction.  I gassed up in Pendleton not Ontario yesterday.  I lunched in Ontario.  Okay onto today.  First I saw a little wild dog on my side of the highway just outside Boise!  Small frame, short hair, slightly pointy nose but not overly long snout.  Didn’t notice the tail and that’s probably what would tell me what it was. Right?  Thoughts?

I’ve been seeing depressingly blackened fields since I started out.  And today I saw a fire.  Not a big one.  But right on the other side of the highway.  First I saw the smoke.  As I got closer I saw the flames.  I felt sick but I also felt comfortable not calling it in because there was already a cop on the scene.  Smoke was everywhere.  Honestly I wasn’t sure if it was smoke, fog, smog or dust.  Having never been in Boise I had nothing to which to compare.  (To which?  With which?  Anyway)  But Boise had an air quality advisory because of all the fires in the area, so smoke it was.  All the signs on the way in were telling me not to drive if I didn’t have to.  But it would be difficult to get to Vail without driving, so I kept going.

Oh! I got a new nalgene water bottle.  One that fits in my cup holder, unlike my 32oz nalgene.  And it’s a one hand opener.  It’s only 22oz so I need to drink more of them to reach my minimum 64oz a day but way easier to deal with while driving.  When I bought it I thought, oh big deal it’s one hand-able BUT now I love it.  Yay REI!

Next I missed a highway change but I realized it within 5 miles so I was able to get back on the correct highway without losing alot of time.  Which is good because it was a long drive today.  I figured I would have at least one hiccup.  I’ll take this one.

Once I left I-15 and got on US 6 I kinda fell in love through Price Canyon.  It was gorgeous even with the smoke muting everything.  I was surrounded by rising mesas.  As I was leaving the canyon the sun was starting to set behind the veil of smoke but every once in a while a small spot would get a bit of light.  It was highlighted for a moment.  Despite the haze I saw them clearly.  I suppose I was looking through the filter of my childhood visits to my grandmother in Grand Junction.  Which is fitting because that’s where I’ll be tomorrow.

Before Grand Junction I’m going to Arches.  The front desk lady at the hotel suggested I get there by 7AM because of the heat.  I was hoping she would say 9AM but she said by 9AM it starts to get hot and muggy.  Delightful.  So I’m showering, setting an alarm and sleeping.

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One Response to On the road again…

  1. Claude says:

    Glad to see you’re safe & Sound. Hope you enjoy Arches & Grand Junction.
    C& C

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