Where were we?

First a correction, the tree that brought tears to my eyes was a Russian Olive.  Thanks for the correction Mom.

As anticipated my car did not start in the morning in Grand Junction.  I called USAA again and they sent out the same guy from A Bargain Mobile Locksmith.  While I was waiting I read a bit of my manual to see if I could figure anything out.  There was a little security light flashing on the dash, which I only remember seeing maybe once before.  So I read about that.  I suspect something got disconnected during my pre trip check, because this little light lights and my turn signals no longer flash when I lock and unlock the car.  So I did learn something but I didn’t figure anything out.  It started right up with the jump and he offered to show me to the battery shop he likes!  I said, if you don’t mind and have time that would be great!  So we headed across town.  We walked into Hensley Battery & Electrics of Grand junction.   The guy behind the counter greeted us.  I said I needed a battery, he said he knew and motioned behind him saying “he’s pulling it.”  I was very confused.  I had called to see if they were open and learned they closed at noon but I hadn’t given him any car specs.  Turns out my handy roadside assistance guy had called ahead.  I love great service!

They tested my battery – BAD BATTERY.  It turned out to be a battery that AAA had put in in 2006.  The car is a 2004 and I got it in 2009.  Anyway, the new battery went in, they let me watch and ask all sorts of questions.  Their shop was so organized!  I bet their inventory is spot on.  I paid, I shook everyones hands, I thanked everyone one more time and collected business cards so I can write reviews.

Then, because I had figured out my grandmother’s house was on “Bel Mont” not “Belmont” I decided to visit it too.  This was not such a great idea.  A. I hardly remember the house B. it looked terrible and C. I didn’t recognize it.  Over all it was kind of depressing not like the condo at all.  However, on the way to the house I did see 2 large birds of prey circling something just off the road.  Since my grandmother was a long time Audubon member and we would frequently go birding I thought it an appropriate sighting.  With that I was ready to head to Vail.  I stopped for gas and got on I-70.

On my way I passed through Grand Mesa.  My grandmother and I used to go there when I would visit.  And that’s where we scattered her ashes.  I drove around but because my previous trips had all been before I was driving I really didn’t have a good memory of the routes.  But that didn’t take away from the beauty.  As I was about to get back on I-70 I saw a very distinctive bird under the highway near some water.  I pulled over grabbed my binoculars and camera but by the time I got back to the spot I had seen him he was quickly walking away.  As though he knew I had seen him and he wasn’t supposed to be out.  His long thin neck and almond-shaped head vanished from sight.

Back on I-70 I went.  There’s this lovely transition from brown, orange, red and white mesas to green covered mountains on this drive.  They both feel like home to me.  I was encouraged to “Think Rain” by several signs along the way.  And so I did.  I pulled into Vail around 3PM.  I knew I couldn’t officially check in until 4 so I tried to find the condos.  I knew where they were but hadn’t driven to them in a very long time.  Unfortunately I got off one exit early so I had to drive through town a bit.  But I did end up finding them.  With that accomplished I went to the grocery store for some basics.  Milk, Palisade Peaches, Rocky Ford Cantaloupe, I intended to get some Olathe Sweet Corn as well but the produce guy had just started putting the new shipment out and I didn’t want to get in his way.  I’ll pick it up later in the week.  But I did get a bottle of Colorado wine!  Since I drove through some of the wine country it seemed appropriate.  I headed back to the condo and got myself checked in.  It was really nice to be checking in for a week after all those 1 night stays.  I unloaded the car and settled in.  I’ll admit I didn’t do much.  Once everything was in its place and the car was empty.  I sat down for a little nap.

Today I walked to town and through the Farmers Market a few times.  I was surrounded by dogs of all sizes and shapes.  So much so that I didn’t mind the crowds.  There were 2 beautiful Saint Bernards (not together) a stunning Bernese, an adorable Yellow Labwho has yet to grow into his feet and so so so many more.  I smiled and said hello to all of them but I restrained myself and only played with one of the Saints and the Lab.  I have faith that when there’s less of a crowd I’ll get more one on one time in.  I picked up a new hat (one that keeps shading my face despite the wind!  Instead of blowing off my face)  I continued onto Lionshead and then took the Gore Creek Trail Gore Valley Trail back to the condo.  All the while in my Eat More Kale t-shirt.  Hopefully it got him some sales!  After a nap I went out to pick up dinner and more sunscreen, just in case.

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