The mind

Found this draft of a post.  I think this was from my road trip.

It’s amazing how the mind works. I’m lying on the bed with my head off the side trying to help release my left shoulder blade tweak. I see the compact fluorescent  bulb in the lamp has the word “Bad” written on it. Which then makes me think of the bulbs I recently got from PGE. Which reminds me that the bulbs I ordered for my ceiling fan had the wrong sized base. That the bulbs above the bar in the condo are not CFL and that when I first noticed that I wished I had brought some with me. Somewhere along the way I’m reminded of buying a bulb for Walter’s new lamp. The bottle of wine that spilled one of his first nights in his new place and the utter disaster of the entire affair. All from trying to release my tweaked left shoulder blade.

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One Response to The mind

  1. Phyllis Bially says:

    Great to hear from you again after a long time. I like your mental meandering!

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