Catching up

(I realize I switch tenses a lot in here, sorry about that.  Quit yelling at me.)

I set my alarm last night.  I wondered to myself if I would follow through.  Follow through has been an issue lately.  But the alarm went off and I got up.  I called my mechanic to see if they would have time to see my Subie and they said yes.  I’m well past the mileage on my sticker.  I knew it was coming.  I watched as I got close.  Then I got distracted by something for about a week or two and now I’m over.

I got nearly to the shop and realized I didn’t have my wallet.  I brought my computer bag so I had pulled the essentials out of my purse.  Sadly I had not put them into said bag.  So I turned around, went home, got the wallet and headed back out.  I took a different route to mix it up a bit and because B street was bumper to bumper.  Of course C wasn’t much better.  Anyway it was different.

So here I am catching up on articles I’ve wanted to read, people watching and being annoyed by the coffee alarms.  I tend to keep a number of pages open on my phone with articles I want to read.  When I hit 8 pages I copy the links into a note or email and close the pages.  I’ve gotten through several and a few NPR articles that caught my  eye this morning.

I’m trying to figure out why this guy pulled up outside.  Sat in his car looking down and to the left of his steering wheel.  I assume he was looking at his phone.  Then he looked up and slowly rolled forward about 2 feet.  He sat there for a few more minutes.  Eventually he got out of the car.  Came in and got something to drink.  But then it was back out to the parked car.  Don’t get me wrong it’s a nice enough car but he’s parked on, what is this, 21st?  It’s not like he’s in a park or someplace pretty so why not sit inside?  It’s a mystery.  And yes, these are the things I think about.

The phone rings and my Subie is ready for me to pick it up!  Maybe if I take my car in everyday I’ll be more productive.

And then there’s this three top (three top?  yeah I think that’s the term for three people at a table) next to me.  I think it’s a couple and their adult daughter.  They had a long conversation about what the husband/father could or should have to eat.  The daughter was rallying for something “healthy” and he seemed to want a treat.  He didn’t sit down until he had his drink which translated to him standing awkwardly for a very long time.  Maybe it was the pacing that got to me.  The pacing that maybe MAYBE took place within a three foot space.  Now they are all sitting working on mom’s inch think crossword puzzle book.  The husband/father does this awful and familiar wrinkled nose/forehead look over his glasses.  Oh and through his glasses.  I don’t think he’s actually angry or annoyed or confused.  But based on the expression I would never approach.

Suddenly all eyes are drawn to the red scion attempting a u-turn.  If there weren’t a tree in the way I might have been worried she would drive into the coffee shop.  She completed the turn and then began to park.  (Oh and the husband/father is talking to me, smiling, no  wrinkled nose/forehead expression!  I think he just said he lives near several mosques and now he’s telling me there are frequent car accidents.  I don’t know what’s happening.  Lets just smile and go about our days.) The space is huge.  It’s not 2 car lengths but it’s big.  After some adjustments she is “parked”.  At a slight angle, about a foot from the curb.  But she didn’t hit either car.  She came close but didn’t actually make contact.

Now the question is do I pick up my car and risk a decrease in my productivity or stay here and, at least, finish reading.  I think I’m staying.  At least for a few more articles.

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