Hey Whistlers!

The  other day I was whistling.  I whistle.  My brother whistles.  My father whistles.  We whistle.  So there I am leaving my brother’s house and whistling something, can’t remember what.  He’s going to walk the dog and I’m heading home to do laundry.  whistle Whistle WHISTLE.  Too high and I pulled something!  Was it my soft palate?  No I think it was something else.  I think it was the tissue that connects my tongue to the bottom of my mouth.  (Had to look it up.  Apparently it’s the “lingual frenulum”.)  Why did whistling too high strain it?  It’s never happened to me before.  And I whistle a lot.  I asked my brother if this had ever happened to him.  He didn’t just say no.  He was a little shocked I think.  Perhaps a little tickled.  Justifiably so.  I mean here I am whistling away and I suddenly stop, put my hand to my mouth and look pained.  I was whistling here people.  That’s like, I don’t know what it’s like.  What is it like?  I’ve strained my soft palate while blowing my nose before.  But that’s not really the same thing.  I mean whistling is zipity do da.  Whistling is skipping.  Whistling is humming a happy tune.  So strain doesn’t belong.  Blowing my nose when I’m super congested (that’s when I’ve strained my soft palate) is intense so strain belongs.  As disconcerting as it is when it happens.  Got a little off topic, sorry.

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One Response to Hey Whistlers!

  1. Phyllis Bially says:

    Wish I could whistle. But then I can’t carry a tune, either.

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