My Good Deed –

I was running late plus I’m not one to give money to people on the off ramps of highways (or on ramps) so when I saw her approaching I had no intention of stopping.  Then she stepped in front of my car and began waving her arms.  I slowed to a stop and rolled down my window.  She quickly told me she was not going to yell at me and asked that I do the same.  She said she had run out of gas, motioned to her car, and was with her little girl.  Could I spare a few bucks for gas.  She told me a previous driver had yelled “get out of the road n****r”.  I was appalled at my “fellow” driver.  She asked if I had a gas can, because they charge like 5 bucks for those.  I told her I didn’t have a gas can.  She said I could take her cell phone number and she would pay me back.  I opened my wallet, told her I only had a twenty and handed it right over.  As I watched the cars coming up behind me I asked how she would get across to her car.  She said she would walk to the cross walk, not far.  She said she loved the subaru and of course I said I loved my subaru.  

As I pulled away I thought, oops forgot to get her number.  That’s okay I did a good deed.  I took a quick glance in her car, no little girl that I could see.  I looked in my rearview and saw she wasn’t crossing to her car, she was hitting up the next unsuspecting driver.  She got me.  She read me like a book.  Tomorrow morning I’ll be taking the same route but I suppose her “shift” may vary day-to-day.  

Am I a sucker?  Yes, sometimes I really really am.  However as I continued my drive I thought about it.  I would rather be a sucker and do something I thought was charitable, than be an ass and risk leaving someone abandoned when they needed help. 

I am curious how much she makes.  She’s very skilled at reading people and she’s got her act down.  I would recommend adding a little girl in the car and only hitting up every other group of cars but that’s just me.  

(continuation of title) – or I’m a sucker.

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2 Responses to My Good Deed –

  1. Phyllis Bially says:

    Nina, That’s a wonderful story. Don’t kick yourself. You’re not a sucker, but a good person with a very kind heart. You were pitch perfect.

    The pity is that too many people are jobless/homeless/hopeless.

    I’m glad you’re so good. (You remind me of my daughter Janice in so many ways.) Love, Phyllis

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