Back on the (proverbial) horse

It’s been far too long, again.  I bought a chrome book to help with the writing.  My hope is that I’ll bring it with me and write more.  We’ll see how that works out.

Now the question is, what to write?  Here I am, I’ve got my little refurb and I’m ready to go!  It’s missing it’s F7 button.  (But it has 2 F8s!)  So I was thinking I’d call it F7.  Does it need a name?  No.  Is it like me to name it?  Yes.  When I was little all my brown stuffed animals were named Cinnamon.  Isn’t weird the things we remember?  Why do some things stick and others fade away?  I’ve been thinking about that recently.  How some memories become our stories and others never get told.

Do you have stories that “everyone” knows? Or is that just me?

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