Past 3AM

A few weeks ago I got a file box full of sheet music back from my niece.  I had lent it to her, thinking she may find music she likes. But it was all from my singing day so not always interesting for piano or any of the other instruments she plays.  Anyway, I thought I might like to do some singing so I had brought it home.  It sat where I put it for a few weeks.  Tonight, at midnight, something struck me to sit down and go through it.

Now it’s past 3AM and I’m finally heading to bed.  I looked and sang my way through the whole damn box.  Some of the music was pristine.  Bindings intact, pages unfolded and clean.  While others were beyond well-worn.  Bindings cracked or torn off, corners folded, pages post-it-ed, breaths marked.  Pages missing and others just out-of-place.  Some songs came back to me and other were lost.  You have to understand, while I studied singing for over 13 years I never learned to read music.  I tried.  I tried piano, guitar and cello but it just didn’t translate for me.  I’ve always assumed it was part of my learning disability.  So the songs I sang for the past 3 hours were ones I still had memorized all these years later.  I haven’t done any singing since I moved in late ’01.  I guess I needed it.

I go to sleep knowing I’ll revisit that file box again and again.  Maybe even at a more civilized hour!

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