I knew I would work for him before I even knew what he’d look like. His people told me as much. I knew I’d love him when I first met him. I didn’t know how or when but I knew I’d fall.
We took a few walks and he wasn’t sure about walking away from his house with me. After all we had just met.
Then I came to stay in his house! Our walks got better. Although he still doesn’t want to walk with me, say when we’re walking away from the dog park or a dog. But I think that speaks more to him being a puppy than anything else.
On Thursday I fell. We were in the car. He likes the car. He was in the back seat and I was driving. He came up between the front seats. Front feet on the console between the seats. I put my arm up and told him I needed him to stay in back. He didn’t push passed my arm or put an arm over mine. He just stood there. Watching where we were going. And then it happened. We didn’t make a turn or brake so this was all him. He leaned his head against my shoulder and just took a moment.
My heart melted. I looked at him and told him he had me.

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2 Responses to Footy

  1. Phyllis Bially says:

    So beautiful, Nina. You are going to put these in a book some day, right?!

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