Dear Russell

I’ve known you for a while.  I’ve worked for you.  But as an outdoor/indoor cat you haven’t been my primary boss.  You’re pretty independent.  I mean, you are the supervisor.  So, I hope this doesn’t offend you, but I never thought we would really connect.  I thought I would basically be your door/food delivery woman.

I was wrong.  (This time I had just you and the fish.  The fish are more interesting to me when Stewie is there to watch them aka Cat TV.)  I pulled into the driveway and you came to great me.  Not once, not twice but three times!  I felt it happening.  When I picked you up to carry you through the house, you let me hold your sweet little paw.  You lounged in the sun (like I like to).  I sat with you and you enjoyed the sun with me.  When I carried you, you talked to me sniffed my face.  It wasn’t a headbutt. but it was ours.  Yep, it was coming.  You sat outside the bedroom window and sang to me when your little hyper-thyroid body was ready for more food.  I was in love.

I sat with you while you ate.  I brushed your coat.  I scratched your ears and your tushy.  We chatted.  I did my best to scare away the hissing, tooth baring, grumpus neighbor cat.

You’ve got me.  I’m yours.  I love you Russell.


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