Like a lot of people I’ve been toying with the idea of a blog for years.  After going home to Colorado this past summer I thought I was finally ready to start.  My plan was a sort of journal as I went through, what I imagined was going to be, a pretty major life change.  I thought I was moving back to Colorado (and I may still, we’ll see).  Well, when I told a friend my plan he said, no.  You’ll get like 3 posts out and then be done.  He explained that I needed to find my subject.  My field of expertise, if you will.  (Since he knows blogs and I DO NOT I followed his guidance.)  Well I’ve been trying to find my subject for months and haven’t gotten anywhere.  At the start of the year I left my job and thought I might as well start writing.  With any luck I’ll find my subject.  I knew that if I kept trying to find it I would never start a blog.  So I’m diving in.


One Response to About

  1. Phyllis Bially says:

    Leaving Apple was a gutsy thing you did, Nina. Hooray! I love your courage!

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