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It started with AARP mailers.  I thought it was kind of funny.  Then it was the occasional junk email.  Now I seem to officially be a senior in the world of email. Should I be flattered?  Offended?  Or just confused? … Continue reading

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My Good Deed –

I was running late plus I’m not one to give money to people on the off ramps of highways (or on ramps) so when I saw her approaching I had no intention of stopping.  Then she stepped in front of my car and began waving her arms.  I slowed to a stop and rolled down my window.  She quickly told me she was not going to yell at me and asked that I do the same.  She said she had run out of gas, motioned to her car, and was with her little girl.  Could I spare a few bucks for gas.  She told me a previous driver had yelled “get out of the road n****r”.  I was appalled at my “fellow” driver.  She asked if I had a gas can, because they charge like 5 bucks for those.  I told her I didn’t have a gas can.  She said I could take her cell phone number and she would pay me back.  I opened my wallet, told her I only had a twenty and handed it right over.  As I watched the cars coming up behind me I asked how she would get across to her car.  She said she would walk to the cross walk, not far.  She said she loved the subaru and of course I said I loved my subaru.  

As I pulled away I thought, oops forgot to get her number.  That’s okay I did a good deed.  I took a quick glance in her car, no little girl that I could see.  I looked in my rearview and saw she wasn’t crossing to her car, she was hitting up the next unsuspecting driver.  She got me.  She read me like a book.  Tomorrow morning I’ll be taking the same route but I suppose her “shift” may vary day-to-day.  

Am I a sucker?  Yes, sometimes I really really am.  However as I continued my drive I thought about it.  I would rather be a sucker and do something I thought was charitable, than be an ass and risk leaving someone abandoned when they needed help. 

I am curious how much she makes.  She’s very skilled at reading people and she’s got her act down.  I would recommend adding a little girl in the car and only hitting up every other group of cars but that’s just me.  

(continuation of title) – or I’m a sucker.

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My year with Steve

I may have worked for the man’s company for over 8 years.  But this past year, after leaving Apple, was what I consider my year with Steve.

My brother, sister-in-law, niece and nephew gave me a Steve Jobs calendar they picked up in Vietnam.  It had quotes and pictures and it hung in my kitchen all year.  Occasionally a quote would bring a tear to my eye.  But it inspired and made me smile EVERY day.

When I say this, please remember I’m not a fan boy.  I don’t think he was the be all and end all.  I do acknowledge that brilliance came out of that man.  We are left with some really simple, thought-provoking and awe-inspiring words.  And for that, I am thankful.

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Thoughts on a plane

Not long ago my family and I went to Hawaii.  Two years ago we went so when the chance came around again we all jumped at it.  (On it? At it? Whatever, you know what I mean.)

So, there I am sitting on our Alaska Airlines plane flying to Hawaii.  Same old same old, mostly.  The safety procedure tri-fold had pictures of lots of little people.  Adults, little kids, seniors, men, women and flight attendants.  They all had the same shoes.  Except one guy who had little Nike’s.  I kid you not.  There he was sitting in his seat preparing for the plane crash, and on his feet tiny Nike swoosh.  Weird.

The the flight attendants brought around the drinks and snacks.  We all received an “Island” snack mix which included pineapple and macadamia nuts.  Okay, I can appreciate this.  We’re heading to Hawaii, why not have a “Hawaiian” treat?  BUT it was brought to us by a company based in… Solon Ohio.  What?  Are you telling me the pineapple and macadamia nuts are possibly grown in Hawaii, picked, packed and shipped to Ohio?  So that they can be put together for a little airplane snack and sent back to Hawaii?  That’s over 9000 miles round trip.  I know it’s entirely possible the pineapples and macadamia nuts are grown elsewhere but it still seems silly to me.  I mean, if you’re going to the land of pineapples and macadamia nuts and having them as a snack.  Why not get them from said land?  Just my 2 cents.

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I struggle with night-lights.  I like to NOT run into stuff in the middle of the night.  The light needs to be light enough so I can see.  But I also need the light to be light enough (if you will) to not keep me up.

It’s a balancing act.  Finding the right night-light.  Then the right place for the night-light.  In the long run I’ll take a few stubbed toes or bruised shins over a poor nights sleep.


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Another Reminder That I Have the Right Car.

Twice now I’ve gotten a Chevy Impala as my rental from Hertz.  I love my Hertz Gold membership.  The service when picking up and dropping off.  The simplicity of using my rental profile.  But both times the family went to Hawaii I’ve needed something with room for at least 3 adults and their luggage.  A number of cars can handle the passenger count.  But room for the luggage is what puts them out of the running.  I needed something with room for 3 large suitcases and 3 carry-ons.  I’ll admit, my parents and I are not minimalist packers.  Without my snorkel gear I could manage a smaller bag but then I wouldn’t have my snorkel gear.  And I LOVE to snorkel.  Nonetheless, I wish I didn’t end up with the Impala.  It feels huge to me.  The trunk CAN hold all our luggage (or a body or 2).  For that I’m very appreciative but I feel like I’m driving a tank or a Florida retiree.  The blind spots, handling, and overall performance aren’t bad.  But when I got home to my Subie I was thrilled!  I know my car.  I know what it can do.  Where it can fit.  The heat/AC controls are user-friendly (unlike the Impala).  Plus Subies are marketed to dogs!  Enough said.

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Stuck in traffic – Pros and Cons

Driving down the highway today I was frustrated.

I was on my way to see my sweet Laddie.


I was in bumper to bumper traffic.

I was the only person in my subie which can hold 5.


I was able to listen to more NPR than I have in a few weeks.

I lived in this oddly balanced place for nearly an hour despite the trip only being 23.2 miles which in good traffic should take 32 minutes (according to the google map).

I found that the pros won out.  I found myself being let in when I needed to merge.  Letting others in when they needed to.  Spying a circling hawk.  Intrigued by the mismatched lawn chairs and table sitting looking at the highway.  Wondering who was in the dog cage I could see in the back of the 4runner in front of me.  Saying hi when it’s head popped up.  Because of the window or the sunlight it’s head was in shadow so I still don’t know who it was but I hoped it was a dog I would like.  I wondered about dog seat belts.  I’ve never used them for any of my dogs but then I grew up not having to wear a person seatbelt so…  Only for a little while.  I’m not sure if it’s my memory or my brother’s but I “remember” sliding off the back seat and onto the floor at sudden stops.

The traffic congestion cleared and I kept my happy head space.  I pulled up to the gate.  Park, brake, door, walk walk walk, gate, walk walk walk, door, brake, drive.  Repeat.  Driving slowly looking for the boy.  I saw him before he looked up.  My heart swelled, I’ve miss him.  I parked and took my stuff inside.  By the time I opened the door to head back out to find him he was at my car.  I feed him a carrot and we catch up on the way to the barn.

No wonder the pros won out on the drive here.  I knew where I was going and what I had to look forward to for the next few days.  He may be 10 years my junior and poop all over but I love my sweet horse sitting boss.

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