Another Reminder That I Have the Right Car.

Twice now I’ve gotten a Chevy Impala as my rental from Hertz.  I love my Hertz Gold membership.  The service when picking up and dropping off.  The simplicity of using my rental profile.  But both times the family went to Hawaii I’ve needed something with room for at least 3 adults and their luggage.  A number of cars can handle the passenger count.  But room for the luggage is what puts them out of the running.  I needed something with room for 3 large suitcases and 3 carry-ons.  I’ll admit, my parents and I are not minimalist packers.  Without my snorkel gear I could manage a smaller bag but then I wouldn’t have my snorkel gear.  And I LOVE to snorkel.  Nonetheless, I wish I didn’t end up with the Impala.  It feels huge to me.  The trunk CAN hold all our luggage (or a body or 2).  For that I’m very appreciative but I feel like I’m driving a tank or a Florida retiree.  The blind spots, handling, and overall performance aren’t bad.  But when I got home to my Subie I was thrilled!  I know my car.  I know what it can do.  Where it can fit.  The heat/AC controls are user-friendly (unlike the Impala).  Plus Subies are marketed to dogs!  Enough said.

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